TandemCentaur - And Other Well Thunk Stand-up Comedyish & Ironic Stuff Thinked up by the Comedy Procreator Markus Kajo.

Tandem Centaur is humorous (and occasionally humouristic) podcast in English by Markus Kajo, dealing both with absurdities and looking at the everyday life from a quite new perspective - as humour, irony, satire stand-up comedy and self-irony tend to do. So it is a kind of a stand-up thing, while sitting down & looking rather beaten, or occasionally depicting something; sharply self-ironical, and indeed dealing both with the issues of everyday life (like a meteor falling on one's personal head, or fear thereof) and absurdities, like, say, intimacy problems in tandem centaurs' daily hygiene, or taxation of a tandem centaur. ..Or problems of a Trimaran-Amfibious-Tandem-Centaur! Six guy/horses that at same time are one walking ship. How do you tax that one, Inland Revenue! Ha! Try to sleep, having been given that image to your head, I.R. !!!
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TandemCentaur - And Other Well Thunk Stand-up Comedyish & Ironic Stuff Thinked up by the Comedy Procreator Markus Kajo.

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The Web page of The TandemCentaur Comedy Podcast 

by Markus Kajo.


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Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for your interest in the Humorous Podcast TandemCentaur (sic! Mind the missing space between the words).

These are still early days, but it'll settle to a weekly thing, eventually. Though this is "merely" a hobby, I'll strive to keep it regularly updated. Hope you enjoy the current and future stuff in the podcast. 

And you DO know what a Tandem Centaur is, don't you? 

A Tandem bike is one bike that two punters can ride on.

A Centaur is a Greek Horse, who is also a guy. He rides himself; having the front and hind legs of a horse and a horse tail (plus the unmentionable stuff that goeth under said tail), but he horse-punter has a human head and the upper torso of man, and human hands. 


A Tandem Centaur is ONE HORSE, who IS ALSO TWO GUYS, innit? And they ride together the common horse that they are.

Kinda weird, I know. 

(Shrug) But what can you do.


Such is life.



Best regards,


Markus Kajo


Jan 11, 2015

Weirdness of Women is the subject of episode number 5 of the thinking man's standup-comedyish yet non-shouting Humour Podcast that deals with everyday hardships like trying to find non-bespoke clothing for a Tandem Centaur (and you Know - don't you - that a Tandem Centaur is two guys who together also are one horse. They have 4 legs of a horse, 2 human heads, 2 human upper torsos, arms etc and so on. But as this is a clean humour podcast we will not delve into some other details) - and on the absurd issues, like, trying to see if your head fits within an American mailbox so that your nose can touch the farthest "wall" of it.

This episode also includes FREE advice for women! Learn how to get better in womening!

I will use this opportunity to thank all our listeners - TandemCentaur is spreading like a poisonous ga.. ..err.. like, Like the smell of Dandelions in the Wind!

Although this Podcast has not yet quite reached Australia or Africa Proper yet, statistics inform us that TandemCentaur is galloping on every other continent, From USA to UK, Germany and France to Russia, Israel and Japan!

- Plus some areas of which I have no more information - perhaps it is a bunch of RYA folks circumnavigating the earth on a trimaran, or trimaran or a dodekamaran or something Lars M. or Mr. Oossanen or some new brite Feller has drawn up during the holiday season, or perhaps those listeners are folks aboard an ocean liner. (Not related to eyeliner, or the lines you see drawn upon the seas on a map.) (Please please do not tell anybody I wrote that previous sentence that is in parentheses.)

So welcome to listen and enjoy the Podcast(s), and please do leave a comment if you feel like it even a small bit!

Hope you enjoy the stories so far, and the stories yet to emerge from one's personal brain.

Best regards,



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