TandemCentaur - And Other Well Thunk Stand-up Comedyish & Ironic Stuff Thinked up by the Comedy Procreator Markus Kajo.

Tandem Centaur is humorous (and occasionally humouristic) podcast in English by Markus Kajo, dealing both with absurdities and looking at the everyday life from a quite new perspective - as humour, irony, satire stand-up comedy and self-irony tend to do. So it is a kind of a stand-up thing, while sitting down & looking rather beaten, or occasionally depicting something; sharply self-ironical, and indeed dealing both with the issues of everyday life (like a meteor falling on one's personal head, or fear thereof) and absurdities, like, say, intimacy problems in tandem centaurs' daily hygiene, or taxation of a tandem centaur. ..Or problems of a Trimaran-Amfibious-Tandem-Centaur! Six guy/horses that at same time are one walking ship. How do you tax that one, Inland Revenue! Ha! Try to sleep, having been given that image to your head, I.R. !!!
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TandemCentaur - And Other Well Thunk Stand-up Comedyish & Ironic Stuff Thinked up by the Comedy Procreator Markus Kajo.

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The Web page of The TandemCentaur Comedy Podcast 

by Markus Kajo.


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Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for your interest in the Humorous Podcast TandemCentaur (sic! Mind the missing space between the words).

These are still early days, but it'll settle to a weekly thing, eventually. Though this is "merely" a hobby, I'll strive to keep it regularly updated. Hope you enjoy the current and future stuff in the podcast. 

And you DO know what a Tandem Centaur is, don't you? 

A Tandem bike is one bike that two punters can ride on.

A Centaur is a Greek Horse, who is also a guy. He rides himself; having the front and hind legs of a horse and a horse tail (plus the unmentionable stuff that goeth under said tail), but he horse-punter has a human head and the upper torso of man, and human hands. 


A Tandem Centaur is ONE HORSE, who IS ALSO TWO GUYS, innit? And they ride together the common horse that they are.

Kinda weird, I know. 

(Shrug) But what can you do.


Such is life.



Best regards,


Markus Kajo


Feb 16, 2015

TandemCentaur is on a temporary sick leave.

Back to business and trotting onwards soon enough


Thank you for your patience! (It is a rare gift to have patience, especially when it is needed. Many peoples oftentimes have patience only when it is not needed. The Italians for example. One must first pull them away from their current predicament, give them an espresso, and let them cool down for 45 minutes, wait for them to stop shouting and waving their hands and arms  about, and only then they will have patience. And then they will take you to eat and drink and sing at a long table filled with merry and loquatious co-Italians from their family and neighbourhood. And there will be a cat somewhere perambulating among the olive trees and then smoothly, unsuddenly stopping to look at the brightening stars above.)